Meet the Owner

Kate Blair Farmer grew up in Gretna, deep in rural southern Virginia, and after years away she moved back to her cherished hometown in 2011. She grew up in a family of builders and entrepreneurs. Kate started her first business at eight years old and followed with her second in college. She has always looked for opportunities to create beauty for others and now owning and operating her third, fourth, and fifth businesses, she will tell you, it is a gift she couldn’t have imagined possible. 

Kate is a residential builder and design-build designer and ran a successful residential construction company for years. However, she never ceased to dream of creating a retail space to serve a hometown that had deeply suffered job losses following industry shifts overseas in the mid 1990s. And so she founded Sweet Pea’s as a way to continue the revitalization of the Town of Gretna and bring new life to Main Street. Her hope was for a space for the community to be proud of and believe in the possibility of a vibrantancy once again.

Since expanding online, she is excited to continue growing Sweet Pea’s Lighting into a national go-to for lighting and home services, always focusing on offering quality products and genuine customer service that is a lasting characteristic of her hometown.